A good design turns a piece of information into an experience.

With us, every design concept begins with the following questions: what is the design intended to accomplish, what is it supposed to communicate? Which target groups are being addressed? How can all of this be integrated into the overall company image?

Only once the answers to these questions have been clearly defined do we start working on the drafts. We are confident that this is the only way to create a design that is attractive, enjoyable to use and makes all functionality self-explanatory.t.

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User experience design

A well-considered design is effective, efficient, goal-oriented and ensures one thing above all else: a positive user experience.

When customers and prospective customers spend time on your website, this is in part thanks to the interplay of relevant content, a suitable design, appealing animations and value-added functions. All of these create an overall impression of your digital presence that users enjoy and remember positively. This is our goal for every design.

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As a web design agency, we know that good design "works".

The design principle "form follows function" has a major influence on our work. Only a design that makes applications and functions intuitive will be enjoyable, stimulate demand, and be remembered. This is what people call a "good design".  
Since we place equal emphasis on both form and function, we speak here at THE BRETTINGHAMS of "really good design".

Webdesign digital branding

Digital branding

We support you with your digital brand management.

Email, websites and social networks are the leading channels for communication between companies and consumers. A company must assert the individual character and message of its brand in the digital world if it wants to achieve serious dialogue and interaction with customers. These in turn are prerequisites for sustainable further development.

Webdesign cross media

Cross-media design

Successful communication maintains the corporate identity and is versatile.

Communication via various media builds strong brand awareness. Being responsive to the nature of the various channels while communicating your own central theme is crucial here. Recognition is everything!

Our web design agency in Berlin finds the right media for your business and your communication goals. We plan, design and implement your cross-media presence together. We make sure that all measures are coordinated and linked to each other – for the best possible communication with your target group.

In addition to our digital services, we design and create additional cross-
media elements such as:

- Print advertisements
- Brochures and flyers 
- Letterheads and business cards
- Freebies and merchandise

Webdesign corporate design

Corporate design

We define all elements of your external communication down to the last detail.

A consistent overall appearance ensures that customers remember your company. First, we establish a basis. We research, deploy mood boards, conduct interviews and organise workshops in order to jointly explore the answers to the following questions:
What target group do you want to reach? What are the brand values? What defines the brand? How do you want it to be perceived in the future?
Once clear goals have been developed, they can be implemented in a wide variety of media from business cards to Facebook pages.

Webdesign responsive

Mobile responsive design

More than half of all internet users in Germany use mobile phones and tablets.* We design for all devices.

We create your website with responsive design technology. This ensures optimum customer access and usability for your digital presence on all devices.

With responsive design, the layout and content of the website automatically adapt to the size of the customer's screen. From a large flat screen to a high-resolution tablet or smart phone display – your products and services are consistently presented to best advantage.

*Source: Statista

A carefully considered design is one that nobody has to waste a second thought on. Least of all the user.
Christopher Brettingham Smith, Creative Director

Our full-service package for your communication needs

Benefit from our integrated approach which reliably maintains an overview of the entire project – and thereby ensures highest quality in all respects. This simplifies your project management and prevents frictional losses.

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