Content is king!

Every company has a story to tell. There is a story behind every promising brand. Customers have their own pet issues, determined by the environment in which they live. Last but not least, you have information to share about your products. 

Successful communication spins a web around all these aspects. We are your content marketing agency in Berlin, working with you to find out what story your company has to tell, what things interest your customers, and how you can set yourself apart from other companies with your content.

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Information architecture

Successful communication only takes place where information is shared.

In the course of content workshops, we jointly determine what content is relevant for your communication needs. In a second step, we examine which channels are used by your target groups and how you can prepare the respective content to achieve your goals.

We develop a sophisticated information architecture for you, leading your target group to the relevant areas quickly and easily.

Webdesign Content Production

Content production

Stories are happening all around us. They are just waiting to be told.

What topics interest your users? How can your company image be presented in text? From which angle can you approach your content to say what you want to say? What story speaks to the heart of your customers?

We discuss the answers to these questions together. As a content marketing agency, we work with professional copywriters to prepare content that offers added value for your target group.

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Content management

Content management systems ensure the fast and uncomplicated administration of your content.

We implement content management systems so you can create, edit and organise your content flexibly, and without programming skills. This makes you independent from content marketing agencies in the administration of your content, so you can make changes and additions within the company as well.

Storytelling Content


Stories are remembered.

We consciously put this fact to use, packaging your services into exciting narrative frameworks that can be experienced in interactive formats. 

Storytelling has a lasting effect, awakens emotions, lends significance and meaning to circumstances, and establishes a personal relationship with the reader. These are the first steps to long-term customer retention.


Social Media Content

Social media

We turn your customers into true fans.

Consumers use social networks to inform themselves, convince themselves, share experiences and information, and get recommendations. This makes social media the last instance before a purchase or contact with a company.

Your company's social media activities make a major contribution to your success. Coverage and commitment are crucial parameters for communicating effectively on the internet and for minimising losses caused by indiscriminate advertising.

We use the following tools and elements for successful social media measures:

  • - Monitoring: HootSuite, Brandwatch
  • - Coverage: social advertising
  • - Commitment: Facebook apps, competitions, interactive promotions
  • - Sales: F-commerce, linking social media and websites
  • - Linked: interface development (API)


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    Digital communication requires clear goals, a strategy aligned with these goals, creative implementation and room for interaction. Here, all of this starts on a whiteboard.
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