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Radiology as a service: digital presentation of an innovative business model for the healthcare sector

In a targeted process, we handled the strategic realignment, draft, design and technical implementation of the website for the medneo start-up, making it a central customer communication platform.

The broad base of the website also supports the strategic goals of patient acquisition (patient section), recruiting high potentials (HR section) and site expansion through partnerships (partner section).

Our customer

medneo GmbH is a young and innovative company based in Berlin. The start-up specialises in "radiology as a service" for outpatient and inpatient care. "Radiology as a service" is a new radiology operator model.

Our services

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TYPO3 Webdesign Project
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Patient communication, career and partner web portal in one website

The website serves as the web portal for the "Patients", "Career" and "Become a Partner" sections according to medneo's key business objectives. Website navigation guides visitors to the respective sub-pages.

Medneo Typo3 Website Relaunch
Medneo Typo3 Website Relaunch Scroll Effect
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Strategic objectives were developed and possible solutions identified in joint workshops with the founders and marketing management.

User guidance for patients

Medneo Website Relaunch Slider

The main target group of patients is addressed through various landing pages and location recognition.

Medneo TYPO3 Slider

A digital application explains the complex diagnostics services in language which is easy to understand.

Medneo TYPO3 Configurator

As establishing contact is a key conversion goal, this is prominently positioned on all sub-pages.

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The services are standardised, but differ in scope according to the location in question. With the help of intelligent administration logic, the service texts are centrally entered once using TYPO3 and assigned to the locations.

Digital application for presenting the diagnostics services

Visitors can explore the various diagnostics services via a digital representation of the human body. The online application responds to location recognition and only displays the respective services which are offered locally.

Medneo Typo3 Website Relaunch Mobile
Medneo Typo3 Website Relaunch Tablet
Medneo Typo3 Website Example

User guidance for applicants

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 2

Thanks to strong industry growth, the demand for qualified personnel is especially high at medneo. The website provides sufficient space in the HR section to represent the employer brand.

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 3

Authentic imagery and a video interview with the Head of Personnel & Academy communicate the values of the employer brand.

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 4

Additional statements and values are intended to address visitors in a convincing manner. Job offers at all locations can be filtered thanks to the integration of a job tool.

User guidance for business partners

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 5

Videos and texts in the "Become a Partner" section present the medneo business model.

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 6

There are separate sub-pages for each target group, presenting the respective benefits of a partnership.

Medneo Typo3 Website Example 7

PDF downloads and contact forms promote conversions.


TYPO3 Webdesign Process medneo
  • 1. Consulting/strategy

    Joint workshops for setting goals
  • 2. UX design

    Development of a screen design which harmonises with the corporate design
  • 3. Content

    Content preparation by the marketing department, integration into the design, and further content optimisation
  • 4. TYPO3 programming

    Implementation with TYPO3, weekly sprints, Kanban boards and daily stand-ups
  • 5. Hosting

    Installation of the website on the customer's server, handover
  • 6. Support

    Installation of regular software updates under a maintenance contract
The full-service package offered by THE BRETTINGHAMS was the crucial factor for us in awarding the contract. Obtaining all services from one source significantly eased the burden on our project management and improved the quality of the end product. 
Andre Glardon, medneo GmbH, founder & CEO  

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