Digital services for the "Wir stärken die Pflege" website

In cooperation with our agency partner Scholz & Friends, we have been entrusted with communicating the Nursing Care Support Act – Pflegestärkungsgesetze – to the public. This involves digital consulting, the development of a masterplan, and designing and implementing digital communication and services.

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The Scholz & Friends Group is a leading creative agency group in the German-speaking world. As part of the WPP Group – the world's leading communication network – the agency cooperates internationally with the best creative and specialist agencies.

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Healthcare, politics

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Conceptual design and launch of the "Wir stärken die Pflege" website


The "Wir stärken die Pflege" (We Strengthen Nursing Care) website serves as the central communication platform for the introduction of the new Nursing Care Support Act.


The website was developed with TYPO3 and offers an exciting mix of citizen communication, knowledge transfer and digital services.


In addition to a news system and a Twitter API link, digital storytelling played a central role for communicating the benefits of the new Nursing Care Support Act.


Digital storytelling for the Nursing Care Support Act tells the story of Gaby Richter using the theme "From long-haul driver to nurse".

Digital storytelling


The story was prepared with high-quality images and an emotional narrative style.


Additional information about the new nursing care laws is superimposed at suitable points.


Thanks to multimedia implementation with images, texts and videos, the story is interactive and can be experienced from a range of perspectives.

Administration of various online platforms

The teamwork with our customer was so successful that a new project was added. We are currently administering various websites for the Federal Ministry for Health.



  • 1. Consulting/strategy

    Establishing goals in a joint workshop, coordination of the results with the help of a prototype
  • 2. UX design

    Development of user guidance and concepts for interactive services on the individual websites
  • 3. IT

    Implementation with TYPO3, weekly sprints, Kanban boards, daily stand-ups
  • 4. Content

    Transfer of the existing content
  • 5. Hosting

    Consulting for web hosting solutions, launch of the applications
  • 6. Marketing

    Search engine optimisation and Google AdWords campaigns
  • 7. Support

    Ongoing support and further development
Die Digitalagentur THE BRETTINGHAMS ist für uns immer wieder ein zuverlässiger Partner bei der Erstellung von digitalen Serviceangeboten für unsere Kunden.
Stefan Wegner, Partner von Scholz & Friends und Geschäftsführer bei Scholz & Friends Berlin  

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